The Doctor of Christian Education (D.C.E)

Washington Reformed Seminary


The doctor of Christian education is a graduate professional degree. The program stresses preparation for advanced professional responsibilities by engaging in three years full-time study and independent research in Christian education and its foundational disciplines, as well as in an area of specialization. These studies are designed especially for;

  1. Professional practitioners of christian education on local, regional or national staffs of churches, denominations, schools and other related agencies, who seek to increase their competencies either for more effective leadership in their present capacity or for service in another position.
  2. Those who hope to teach Christian education at the university or institutions. A minimum of two full-time academic years in residence is required. Students who demonstrate need on the qualifying examinations may be required to additional course work in areas of their need.
    Ordinarily, candidates must complete the residence requirement and pass comprehensives within three years of entrance. Foreign languages and research skills will be required as necessary for each candidate’s area of specialization.


  1. The Master of Divinity degree( or MCE), or its equivalent, from a recognized theological seminary.
  2. Three years of experience in a educational ministry of church after receiving the Master of Divinity degree( or MCE). Exceptions to this must be made by the Dean.
  3. A current place of ministry where the student can successfully carry out a ministry-related project.
  4. Evidence of competency in Bible exposition. This evidence may be in the form of course work successfully completed(20 hours) or a proficiency exam taken at RPS.
  5. Reference from three colleagues in the ministry with respect to the applicant’s moral, spiritual, and professional qualification.

Each MCE course offered at RPSW includes approximately 1,000 pages of reading that must be completed before attending the intensive semester class sessions. At the beginning of the first class, the instructor must receive proof in writing of the student’s completion of the required reading assignments. This written evidence ordinarily will include: An analysis of the material’s distinctive and significant features; An evaluation of the theological concepts of the material.

The DCE degree requires satisfactory completion of 48 units(three years and six semester) as outlined in the curriculum with grades of A or B and a cumulative GPA of at least 3.1 The M.Div. degree( or MCE) or its educational equivalent (normally including Hebrew or Greek) from a recognized theological seminary is required for admission.

Major Field of DCE……..28 Credits
PT 611. Teaching the Bible. 3
PT 613. Educational Ministry of S S. 3
PT 504. Church Administration. 3
PTC 604. Human Personality. 3
PTC 605. Counseling Problems and Procedures. 3
PT 717. Korean-American Ministry. 3
PT 715. Discipleship in Ministry of the Church. 3
PTE 605. Leadership and Mentoring in the Local Church. 3
PTE 713. Models of Urban Ministry. 3
AE 606. Theodicy. 3
AE 812. The Fate of Freedom in Philosophy. 3
AE 813. Topics in Medical Ethic. 3
CH 611. English Puritan Ethics. 3
CH 821. History of the Charistmatic Movements in America. 3
the dissertation…………………………………….12 Credits
General/ Elective……………………………………20 Credits

DCE Total 60 Credits