The Doctor of Ministry

Washington Reformed Seminary


In simplest terms, the purpose of the D. Min degree is to enable the minister of the gospel to increase his competence in the practice of ministry to a level excellence greater than normally achieved in the basic Master of Divinity program. In some ways, the D. Min program serves as a delayed internship.
Students who have been in the active fulltime ministry have the opportunity to relate their personal ministries, goals, and even weaknesses to a seminary setting while continuing to remain in their ministry at the same time.
The D.Min. degree may be eared following the successful completion of 36 semester hours including a project / thesis approximately 25,000 words, concluded by oral examination. The normal time for the completion of the degree is two to three years.
WRS has designed its Doctor of Ministry (D.Min)program to meet the needs of persons active in ordained ministry. WRS’s goal is to enable the student to draw upon biblical, historical and theological ministry resources and to attain a higher degree of professional competence in the practice of ministry.

The D.Min degree requires satisfactory completion of 36 units as outlined in the curriculum with grades of A or B and a cumulative GPA of at least 3.1 The M.Div degree or its educational equivalent (normally including Hebrew or Greek) from a recognized theological seminary is required for admission.

Each D.Min course offered at WRS includes approximately 1,000 pages of reading that must be completed before attending the intensive semester class sessions. At the beginning of the first class, the instructor must receive proof in writing of the student’s completion of the required reading assignments.
This written evidence ordinarily will include: An analysis of the material’s distinctive and significant features; An evaluation of the theological concepts of the material; and A statement describing the student’s personal benefits gained by the reading.
Besides the preparatory reading, each D.Min course requires resident interaction under a WRS faculty member’s direction and instruction, and an assessment of the learning experience based on active ministry Ordinarily, the concluding written assignment must be submitted within two months of the end of class.

1. The Master of Divinity degree, or its equivalent, from a recognized theological seminary.
2. Three years of experience in a full-time ministry after receiving the Master of Divinity degree. Exceptions to this must be made by the Dean.
3. A current place of ministry where the student can successfully carry out a ministry-related project.
4. Evidence of competency in Bible exposition. This evidence may be in the form of course work successfully completed(20 hours) or a proficiency exam taken at WRS.
5. Reference from three colleagues in the ministry with respect to the applicant’s moral, spiritual, and professional qualification.

The capstone of the D.Min program is the doctoral project which entails writing a dissertation. The doctoral project must demonstrate the student’s ability to build an adequate bridge between theology and practice, and to address a significant pastoral concern in a creative and meaningful way.
The desserts lion must be sufficient in length to demonstrate an ability to integrate exegetical and theological insight with understanding of the practice of ministry in contemporary social contexts.

Students may select one of two areas of specialty: Practical Theology, Missions/ Intercultural Ministries. Four elective semester hours of study as well as the thesis (see below) must be completed in the area of specialty;

Major Field of D.Min……..27 Credits
PT 715. Discipleship in Ministry of the Church. 3
PT 716. Change and Growth of the Korean church. 3
PT 717. Korean-American Ministry. 3
PTE 504. Church Planting. 3
PTE 605. Leadership and Mentoring in the Local Church. 3
PTE 713. Models of Urban Ministry 3
PTC 707. Methods of Biblical Change. 3
ST 819. Themes in Puritan Theology. 3
ST 820. Topics in the Doctrine of Man. 3

The dissertation……………………………………. 9 Credits

Total 36 Credits