Department of Practical Theology

Washington Reformed Seminary

Practical Studies The understanding of Gods revelation requires that it be proclaimed and put into practice, and the Practical Theology Department ensures that students are well-prepared for this aspect of ministry upon graduation. Courses in preaching, worship, counseling, Christian education, church planting and growth, and evangelism equip students with principles and methods of communication and leadership important for the realization that Gods truth is relevant to all times and places.

PT 500. Sermon Theology. An examination of key biblical texts, theological themes and the historical background and development of Christian worship and its variety of expressions. Attention will be given principles, plans, methods and resources for worship planning and implementation in today’s culture.

PT 501. Sermon Content and Application. Focus on the use of sound biblical theology in the sermon and on the discovery of the relevance to life of the biblical passage under discussion. Practice in analysis and preparation. Delivery of an expository message on selected New Testament text.

PT 502. Christian Worship. The pastor’s role in the worship and services of the church. Topics include the biblical theology of worship, the preparation and leading of worship, the administration of the sacraments, the preparation of believers for church membership.

PT 503. Ministry Leadership. The development of leadership in contemporary society usually emphasizes the skills and tasks of the minister. Research has indicated that the role of the minister which relates to the life and inner person of the individual needs special consideration. This course will focus on such topics as the care of the minister’s personal and family life, warnings that will prevent major hardships in ministry, prayer.

PT 504. Church Administration Biblical principles governing the missionary task of the Christian Church; evangelistic strategy in contemporary culture; the character, aims, agents and methods of christian administration. Review of significant literature in the field of administration and church growth.

PT 505. Pastoral Theology. A study of theological foundations for ministry of local church. The general office of believer. The gospel minister’s office, calling and spiritual life. A survey of ministry functions and areas of practical theology. Introduction to supervised ministry of church.

PT 506. Youth Ministry. This course considers theories of adolescence, the history of youth work in the Church, comtemporary youth experience, and models of programs and patterns which offer possibilities for the Church in its youth ministry.

PT 607. Expository Skills and Evaluation Methodology for choosing and studying a text for exposition. Analysis of significant models of exposition in order to improve student’s practices. Focus will be on preparation, structure, and delivery of messages.

PT 608. Pastoral Care, Practice The character and source of authority exercised in the order and offices of the church. The pastoral diagnosis and treatment of spiritual conditions. Methods and models of pastoral care. A segment of the course will focus on problems involved in pastoral care within a Korean- American context.

PT 609. Pastoral Counseling. The role of counseling in pastoral ministry along with a biblical model of counseling will be presented through lecture, class discussion, role play, video presentation, skills practice, guest lectures and reading. The counseling model presented in class will be applied to common pastoral ministries (e.g., sexual and physical abuse, substance abuse, grief, chronic sickness and hospital visitation, marriage and family issues, etc.).

PT 610. The Policy and Constitution of KAPC. The course introduces Presbyterian students to the police of church, construction of KAPC, and the programs of their denomination.

PT 611. Teaching the Bible Training in inductive Bible study methods with a view to establishing training programs in the local church. Hands-on experience with several types of biblical passages. Attention given to skills in training Bible study/small group leaders for the church.

PT 612. Introduction to Education An overview of the educational and training education of school, including biblical, theological, psychological foundations, the aims, methods, curriculum, organization, leadership of teachers and evaluation of the teaching/ leaning process for various setting age group.

PT 613. Educational Ministry of S.S This course offer a theological and practical approach to education of Sunday school in the church, including the place of the Sunday school ministry in the church’s philosophy of education and principles for overseeing a Sunday school education program in Korea church of America; diaspora.

PT 614. Christian Educational History. A survey of the educational theory and history from the early church fathers to modern times, including biblical, theological, psychological foundations, the aims, methods, curriculum, organization, leadership of teachers in Church history.

PT 715. Discipleship in Ministry of the Church The basic priorities and strategies of discipleship in the local church. Topics include: developing vision and philosophy of ministry, equipping and delegation, orienting and assimilating new members, small groups, leadership development, motivation and accountability, conflict management, long-and-short-range planing.

PT 716. Change and Growth of the Korean church 

PT 717. Korean-American Ministry. Pastoral care within a Korean-American context. Focus on biblical response to such issues as intergenerational conflicts and concepts of authority, value systems and identity issues different from western traditions. Some attention to the demographic history of the Korean community in North America.

PT 500. Sermon Theology.
PT 501. Sermon Content and Application.
PT 502. Christian Worship.
PT 503. Ministry Leadership.
PT 504. Church Administration.
PT 505. Pastoral Theology.
PT 506. Youth Ministry.
PT 607. Expository Skills and Evaluation.
PT 608. Pastoral Care, Practice.
PT 609. Pastoral Counseling.
PT 610. The Policy and Constitution of PCA.
PT 611. Teaching the Bible.
PT 612. Introduction to Education.
PT 613. Educational Ministry of S S.
PT 614. Christian Educational History
PT 715. Discipleship in Ministry of the Church.
PT 716. Women’s Studies of Bible.
PT 717. Korean-American Ministry.