Counseling department

Washington Reformed Seminary

PTC 500. Introduction to Counseling Survey of the main emotional and behavioral problems encountered in counseling. Theoretical frameworks for counseling. Principles of care and counseling, with strong emphasis on basic counseling skills and the ability to relate to others. How do people change? How does God’s truth and power work into daily life? This course will seek to answer these questions.

PTC 501. Counseling and Physiology Introduction to the relationship between physical events and behavior, emotions, perception and thought processes. Orientation to the effects of licit and illicit drugs, neurological disorders, psychosomatic medicine, and other current medical research of interest to counselors.

PTC 502. Introduction to Psychological Assessment. This course is designed to provide students with an overview of testing and measurement, research methods, and various models of learning. Students will be required to administer and score various types of psychological tests and evaluate their usefulness in counseling.

PTC 503. Marriage and Family Counseling This seminar provides the student with intensive study in the principles and methods of pastoral counseling as related to the dynamics of marriage and family life. Family development, communication, conflict resolution, child rearing, and divorce counseling will be discussed.

PTC 604. Human Personality Study of critical biblical and theological issues necessary for the construction of a biblical psychology. Representative readings in various personality theorists, with critical theological evaluation.

PTC 605. Counseling Problems and Procedures. Application of the broad principles of biblical counseling presented in the introductory course to specific counseling cases and problems. Lectures, assigned readings, research, case studies, discussion, role play and practice in the use of biblical counseling principles and skills will be utilized throughout the course.

PTC 706. Counseling Families and Children This course is designed to expose students to important problems and procedures in counseling families and children. It will also explore various methods of family counseling. The course will also include a review of problems of parenting, early childhood problems, and counseling adolescents.

PTC 707. Methods of Biblical Change This course takes the principles introduced in the Dynamics of Biblical Change course and applies them to the counseling relationship. By what process do I help a person make changes in his life? What are the critical skills that make that process effective?

The answers to these questions will form the heart of the course. Methods of Biblical Change focuses on methods that make one’s work with another person an effective process of change. The material of the course will be presented through lectures, case studies, video and practicum experiences.

PTC 500. Introduction to Counseling.
PTC 501. Counseling and Physiology.
PTC 502. Introduction to Psychological Assessment.
PTC 503. Marriage and Family Counseling.
PTC 604. Human Personality.
PTC 605. Counseling Problems and Procedures.
PTC 706. Counseling Families and Children.
PTC 707. Methods of Biblical Change.