Department of Apologetics. Ethics

Washington Reformed Seminary

AE 500. Introduction to Apologetics: Presentation of Christian apologetics. Topics include biblical foundations, developing a world and life view, presuppositionalism, the point of contact, argument and persuasion, the conflict with contemporary culture, and the history of apologetics.

AE 501. The Apologetics of Conelius Van Til. A study, in lecture and discussion, of the background, the argument, and the impact of the presuppositional apologetics of Cornelius Van Til, with some attention to his critics.

AE 503. Music and Christian Aesthetics. Exegetical and philosophical considerations for an understanding of the place of music in the life of the Christian. Particular attention will be directed to the problems of music in the modern church.

AE 504. Soren Kierkegaard. A critical survey of the development and structure of Kierkegaard’s thought in the context of his life experiences. An analysis of several of his major works, including his Philosophical Fragments, Concluding Unscientific Postscript, and The Concept of Dread, with special reference to his critique of orthodoxy. Recent developments in Kierkegaard study.

AE 605. American Culture and Apologetics. Studies in the historical and social background for the beliefs and ideals of North America today. Emphasis will be on civic and religious themes that have shaped its culture. Subjects include church demographics, the New Christian Right, American public philosophy, and popular theologies.

AE 606. Theodicy A comparative study of various approaches to the problem of suffering. Particular attention will be given to the arguments set forth beginning at the Enlightenment. An attempt will be made at formulating a Reformed view.

AE 607. Christian Ethics. This course examines the nature and principles of Christian ethics and the application of these principles to current social issues. Emphasis is given to the study of Biblical morality.

AE 608. New Testament Ethics. This course examines appropriate Christian ethical conduct based upon the text of the New Testament. Of particular interest will be Christian behavior toward others within and outside of the Church and appropriate ethical conduct by ministers and professional Christian members.

AE 609. Ten Commandments. Taking its cue from Biblical notion of the covenant of Old Testament. The course probes and develops the ethical dimensions of life in Christ for the late 2th century for Christ’s Church members.

AE 710. Law and Grace. The reformed tradition has always embraced a positive role for the law within the Christian life, yet the relationship between law and divine grace has not always been clearly understood or articulate. This course examines the law-grace connection by considering biblical themes and the use of the covenants as organizing principle in Reformed confession and theological reactions.

AE 711.The Encounter of Christianity with Secular Science. A review of the history of modern evidences, leading to its crisis and its rehabilitation in presupposition apologetics. An analysis of the nature of scientific method from the secular and the Christian standpoints, and an intensive critical confrontation with the claim to neutrality of such sciences as history, sociology, psychology, and biology.

AE 812. The Fate of Freedom in Philosophy. A history of the idea of human liberation, in its dialectical unfolding, from the Renaissance to Hegel, with reference to its significance for the crisis of Western humanistic civilization. Contemporary Reformed diagnoses and answers.

AE 813. Topics in Medical Ethic. Studies in selected issues in hio-ethics, including medicine as a Christian calling, in-vitro fertilization, AIDS, genetic engineering, and euthanasia.

AE 500. Introduction to Apologetics
AE 501. The Apologetics of Conelius Van Til.
AE 503. Music and Christian Aesthetics.
AE 504. Soren Kierkegaard.
AE 605. American Culture and Apologetics.
AE 606. Theodicy.
AE 607. Christian Ethics.
AE 608. New Testament Ethics.
AE 609. Ten Commandments
AE 710. Law and Grace.
AE 711.The Encounter of Christianity with Secular Science.
AE 812. The Fate of Freedom in Philosophy
AE 813. Topics in Medical Ethic.